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Video Lessons: How Barack Obama Won Using Digital and Social Media

The Obama Campaign’s use of digital and social media was the best executed integrated business initiative EVER implemented since the inception of the Internet. I truly believe it. Do you?

Last week MediaSauce hosted more than 100 business executives at our “Election 2008” seminar. As leader of the development and strategy teams for MediaSauce, I was passionate for us to lead this discussion!

I was joined by my colleague Colin Vaughan to present 12 key lessons that every business can apply to increase your digital footprint. I’m glad he could join me – not only is he a marketing strategist for MediaSauce, he was active in the Obama campaign and a Get Out of the Vote Team leader and fundraiser in Indiana.

The program was fast-paced and covered nearly 2.5 hours of lessons, questions and answers. We’ve created a 40 minute version to give you the key points. Please share this with your colleagues and network.

Goals drive success

In the first of four videos below, you’ll discover the background for the campaign’s goal, their 3 strategies and how their team made the difference. more

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Election 2008 Business Lessons: How Obama Won Using Digital and Social Media

EDITOR UPDATE: Watch “Video Lessons” from this presentation, including a video synopsis of the content presented at the December 4th program.
In 2008, digital and social media changed the way elections are won forever. The Obama campaign’s strategic use of the web to raise awareness, generate revenue and spread a strong message offers many compelling lessons for business executives to implement during these challenging economic times.
MediaSauce, Indiana’s leading interactive strategy and web development agency, is hosting “Election 2008 Business Lessons: How Obama Won Using Digital and Social Media” for business executives around Indiana to come hear how a strong strategic plan can impact your business in an Interconnected Age.

Location: IMCPL Central Library Auditorium
40 E St Clair St Indianapolis, IN 46204

When: December 4th
Registration-11:30 AM: Event-12:00 – 2:00 PM Includes light lunch. Tickets $29 in advance, $49 at the door.
Buy tickets here.

“The Obama campaign showed how engaging and empowering voters online to become your ambassadors has a far stronger effect than traditional practices,” James Burnes, Vice President of Development and Strategy for MediaSauce, said. “We want to show executives around Indiana how the method of fundraising, voter involvement, and non-traditional online marketing offers direct business lessons and applications that can be implemented immediately.” During the seminar, attendees will learn how to:

Motivate inactive consumers plus attract customers of the competition.

Activate prospects to become customers and for your existing clients to buy even more.

Engage your customer base and inspire them to become brand evangelists.

What prompted the program? CEO Bryan Gray replied, “As the economy continues to shift and there is a level of uncertainty, programs like this are vital to those businesses that want to outwit, under-spend, and outmaneuver their competition.” The event will be results-focused, using specific case study examples that can help business executives apply to their business.

The session will be held at the new Clowes Auditorium at the IMCPL Central Library in Downtown Indianapolis. A limited number of tickets are available for $29 in advance ( or $49 dollars at the door (if available). A light lunch is included with the cost of admission.

Download Press Release: “Mediasauce Announces Election 2008 Business Lessons Seminar

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Big Thinking + Social Media = Closing the Event Gap

We had a great time with everyone who attended The Event Gap: Taking Your Event from Adequate to Amazing.  About 100 attendees representing a wide variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations gathered to learn how to combine big thinking and social media to achieve amazing results.

After a lively networking breakfast, Sarah Robbins, our very own social media rock star, framed the entire day’s conversation by comparing the typical event with what’s possible using existing and emerging technologies.  Throughout her presentation, audience members used laser pointers to indicate how their events performed in comparison to what’s possible.  Staying true to form, Sarah used an innovative presentation format to “fly” us thru the dueling timelines.  See a simulation of the presentation for yourself here (or view the high resolution version on YouTube): more

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ISC Corporate Challenge 2008: Our Digital Media Plan for Total Domination

As one of the presenting sponsors of this year’s ISC Corporate Challenge, we take great pride in our unbroken winning streak of the annual Spirit Award.  For those familiar with this field day for grown-ups, the Corporate Challenge is a great bonding experience with co-workers as you battle against teams from other companies.  Events range from running to tug-o-war to golf ball chipping.

We have never let our collective lack of athletic abilities keep us from having lots of fun.  In fact, we think the Spirit Award was created out of pity for us, since we bring so much positive energy and come nowhere close to claiming the coveted championship trophy.   This year, however, we have a secret weapon for total domination that we’ve hidden on the website we created for the event. more

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The Digital Museum: Bringing the Experience to Life

Last week, Sarah Robbins and I were in Rochester, NY, for the American Association of State and Local History (AASLH) 2008 annual conference. We presented a 1/2 day workshop on Web 2.0 and how museums, historical societies, and other historical organizations can leverage social media.  Here are the slides:


View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: life second)

I love history and preparing for the conference made me realize how much more alive history can be with digital and social media.  Knowing how much our past drives our present, the human race can gain much from understanding it better.  With the digital and social media tools at our disposal today, anyone with Internet access can experience the past better and derive more insight from it.

As we got into the second half of our workshop, we switched to the user-generated content (UGC) approach to generate examples of the principles we were teaching.  We had 28 people in the workshop representing 20 different organizations.  Here are some of the cool examples that came out of our joint explorations: more

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The Event Gap: Taking Your Event from Adequate to Amazing


New Web 2.0 Presentation

The Event Gap: Taking Your Event from Adequate to Amazing

MediaSauce has combined efforts with Simply Hospitality and ROI Marketing Company to deliver an educational seminar on using digital technologies to enhance your next company meeting, fundraiser, or event. Follow the link below for more information

click here for more information

Location: Indianapolis Junior Achievement 7435 North Keystone Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Registration time: 8:30-9:00

Presentation: 9:00-12:00 noon

click here to sign-up

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Where Do Digital and Social Media Fit in the Budget?

With the speed at which digital media and social media are moving, most organizations don’t have a digital strategy.  Understandably, they don’t even have a budget that takes digital and social media into consideration.

Because their budgets were created for yesterday, not today, there is a financial disconnect.  What I mean is their budgets are broken into different silos for established departments and past initiatives that can block the leaders from seeing new, more effective ways of accomplishing the organizations goals.  

While most organizations have line items for marketing, sales, conferences, training, publications, website enhancements, and IT infrastructure, they were likely created with an Information Age mentality.  That is to say, that information is to be pushed out through broadcast methods, static websites, unwieldy enterprise “efficiency” tools.  

The time has come to bust the budgeting buckets and reorganize them to take advantage of the Interconnected Age:  Do you really need to spend $20,000 on a mail-out survey?  How can you justify spending $150,000 on a quarterly magazine without knowing if anyone is actually reading it?

Most central offices think they need to sit in the Ivory Tower writing their internal operational manuals and capturing best practices.  Why not create internal wikis that allow those people doing great work to share and collaboratively write the manuals for you?  

Instead of staffing and maintaining a large customer service center, why not create a user community and let your customers help each other? 

When you start to understand the possibilities of digital and social media, you’ll begin to see that it’s not that you don’t have the money, but it’s that you don’t have the money organized in the right buckets.

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