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The Path to Irrelevance: 10 Red Flags

Maybe you’re going to retire in the next five years. If that’s you, then don’t worry about a thing. But, if you plan on working in 2015, you should consider your relevancy now. As technology facilitates behavioral change, organizations of all sizes must develop new strategies. A clear path to irrelevancy is to ignore change or, worse yet, fight it.

If you continue to do business as usual, running your career and business day by day, then you will find that you might not be needed. Consider these red flags:

  1. You don’t have a mobile strategy, yet you spend all your time relying on your mobile device to connect and communicate.
  2. You have no defined online strategy, you just guess and explore, yet like eighty percent of all c-level executives, you  spend up to 4 hours a day on the Internet.
  3. You think Facebook is something for your teenage kids, yet over 90 percent of your customers believe a company should have a social media presence and over 40 percent want to do business with a company that uses social media platforms to solve their problems or solicit their feedback.
  4. You think “interconnected” is a puzzle or online porn, yet you are always available via a mobile device and the majority of your customers are demanding new ways to interact with your brand.
  5. You think transparency means controlling information, yet younger buyers are spending their time buying from companies they can authentically connect with.
  6. You don’t update your online presence, yet you have your physical office cleaned regularly and they take out the trash every day.
  7. You spend countless hours working on office efficiencies, yet you have an online office that is widely inefficient.
  8. You, like most people, want to read more but you never make the time, yet your online destination is stacked tall with text waiting for all those non-readers to dig in.
  9. You think the Internet is just another platform, yet the average professional will spend more time online than they do talking to their spouse or watching broadcast media.
  10. You say you want more, yet you do the same things expecting different results.

The challenge for you today is to look at these ten paths and decide if you’re willing to change direction, or if you’ll continue down the road you are headed. Leadership isn’t just about guiding the troops to a destination, but in also being willing to change course when a new route identifies itself.

Times are rapidly changing . If one of these flags sound familiar, now is the time to adjust or be left wondering where the world went while your company proceeds down familiar, but irrelevant paths.

David Cain is President and CFO of MediaSauce. He’d like to hear about how you’re tackling transformation in this Digital Age. Contact David at 317-218-0500  email him at

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One Response to “The Path to Irrelevance: 10 Red Flags”

  1. Missy Stanisz Says:

    Great post – I think you are 100% correct on this. Businesses push their clients to take risks and overcome challenges that they themselves won’t address.

    Ignoring what’s right in front of your face (whether it’s to save money, wait until there’s more “proof” or sheer apathy) is a sure-fire way to become extinct and obsolete.

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