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MediaSauce to Partner With The Social Media Bible

MediaSauce proudly announces an exclusive business partnership with the creator of “The Social Media Bible.” Being released on April 21, 2009, it is the first book to comprehensively define the tools, tactics and strategies of social media in the Digital Age. The Book will be a must-have reference manual and business guide for executives around the globe that seek to succeed on the internet.

(I’ll share more details about this important business book and our partnership following a case-study account of how social media gets the credit for this business opportunity.)

Every week I spend 45-60 minutes perusing the hundreds of discussion forums on LinkedIN to identify if there are any interesting job recruits or business development opportunities that MediaSauce might like to pursue.

Those minutes, spread across the business day, are my version of mental smoke breaks. I don’t find a lead or opportunity every time, but I’m addicted because of the fix I get when there is something that drives a new opportunity.

On January 5th I spotted a question from Lon Safko asking for “…the right partner who can help me develop the web site around my new book, “The Social Media Bible” published by John Wiley & Sons.”

This caught my eye, as John Wiley & Sons is a respectable publisher, best known for their “For Dummies” series.

However, I didn’t know anything about Lon, the co-author, but the power of LinkedIN and his profile and a perusal of his personal web site showed me Lon was a serious thought leader and successful businessman in his own right. Pursuing this would definitely be worth the effort.

A quick, personal email to Lon set up a fantastic phone conversation a day later and after two weeks of candid email correspondence, spirited phone calls and some social media chatter and I was on a plane to Phoenix to talk details.

The meeting with Lon and his colleague and business partner Steven Groves was a meeting of like-minds. I was particularly impressed with their desire for partnership and to focus on what they want the future to be for “The Social Media Bible” and it’s online presence.

Another meeting and conversations pursued in the following days. Less than a week later and the official announcement is being made!

What the partnership entails

As part of the partnership, MediaSauce will collaborate with Lon and Steven to architect a Digital Blueprint to promote the book successfully online and to maximize the integrate the web with the scheduled John Wiley & Sons book tour.

MediaSauce will also design, develop and build the new online presence of to become the most comprehensive source of tactics, tools and strategies for using social media for C and V-level executives.

MediaSauce is providing some technical edits and commentary to the final stages of the book at this time. We’re contributing a few resources and tools for the site and the book to maximize it’s effectiveness for an executive audience.

Listen to a pod cast interview of MediaSauce’s David Cain and James Burnes

On Saturday, January 24th David and James were interviewed by Lon for a podcast. This was one of a series of pod casts recording during the production of the book. Other notable interviews that you can listen to on the site include those by Matt Mullenweg – Co-Founder Of WordPress, Pete Cashmore – CEO of Mashable, Kevin Marks, Technology Advocate, Google – OpenSocial, Biz Stone – Cofounder of Twitter and so many more. See the complete list here.

More details to come

We’ll continue to share significant updates on the progress of this important industry project and let you know the inside scoop on ordering the book when it is released on April 21, 2009.

We’re exceptionally pleased to be on this project. It’s a huge honor within the industry to be recognized for the transformational work and culture we’ve been building since our founding in 2002.

Lesson learned, an action plan for you!

As I mentioned during “Sales 2.0″ seminar a few weeks ago. Succeeding in the Interconnected Age is about more than just having profiles on social networks. If you take the time to exploit the opportunities within these platforms and take an active role, you can generate new business opportunities!

So, here’s my quick action plan for you:

  1. Get your profile on LinkedIN and Facebook up to date.
  2. Schedule 15 minutes twice a week to dive deep into these two platforms to identify connections, build relationships and communicate with your network
  3. Get on Twitter and create an account. Locate key people in your industry (including competitors) and follow them.
  4. Schedule 15 minutes once per week on your calendar to search for key industry words, competitors, etc. on Twitter!

If you do these four steps I promise you’ll see a return if you committ to going deep and being dedicated!

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2 Responses to “MediaSauce to Partner With The Social Media Bible”

  1. Francine hardaway Says:

    I just read something Lon sent out about the partnership (he’s an old friend and I’m in the book), and I see that you do “comment marketing.” Something about that frightens me if it means you comment on people’s blogs to promote “Social Media Bible.” At Social Media Club, and on Scoble’s blog, there’s a discussion about how best to use social media for promotion. It’s really about all those people who friend everyone on FB, but it translates out…

  2. James Burnes Says:

    Hi Francine,

    I’m curious to know where you read that we do “comment marketing” because I’d love to know the context to your observation.

    We do believe that participating in conversations with relevant content is critical, but by no means do we endorse or promote spamming social media sites with blatant self promotion.

    I welcome conversation on the topic; we’re always interested in different thoughts on ways to successfully engage and self promote in a transparent way in the 2.0 world.

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